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The Kingmaker Collection

Diverse and complete set of deliberately constructed XV century armor made from stainless steel. Premium materials are combined with sleek design for a perfect selection of practical armor to fit everyone,
from squire to paladin

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Clients' Reviews

John McCoy

“Here you get the best reenactment of medieval fights, tournaments. The atmosphere is amazing, and I will surely be back the next time. ”

John McCoy

New Zealand
William Moore

“We had so much fun last time we attended the festival and the tournament of the year! You do know how to involve people in action!”

William Moore

United Kingdom
Charles Stone

“In your club, I was able to find not just entertainment, but also friends, pleasant atmosphere and action. Thank you so much!”

Charles Stone


Our Blog

Sono on line i nomi dei vincitori di Imago Sarnani 2023!

Abbiamo i vincitori di Imago Sarnani 2023! Premio Imago a Paolo Verdarelli di Camerino con “Ombre del Medioevo”. Premio Location a Tommaso Copparo di Macerata con “Per onore di Sarnano”. Premio Ritratto a Gabriella Calcagnoli…

Sarà dedicata alla lavorazione della lana la XV^ edizione di Castrum Sarnani

Dal 16 al 19 agosto 2023 torna Castrum Sarnani!